April 09, 2019

Taurine is a semi-essential amino acid that is primarily found in the testes and interestingly breast milk. Taurine has some really interesting properties, but today I'm going to focus on testosterone production and protection. Several studies have shown that taurine protects testosterone from oxidative stress, as well as the destructive effects caused from diabetes. It has also been shown to increase NO levels inside the testes, which may increase testosterone levels.

In a rat study, taurine was shown to increase plasma testosterone levels by 180%!! It was shown to increase luteinizing hormone levels and FSH levels, which are both indicators of increased testosterone production. In another study, it was shown to increase frequency and hardness of erections in rats(don't ask me how they determined that lol). It's a promising agent to increase test levels and possible vasodilation in the testes. The human equivalent dose from the studies is 5g 3x a day. Luckily, taurine is cheap. Btw- taurine was first isolated from the testicles of bulls. Red Bull has 2000mg of taurine in it...coincidence??? Hope you learned something!

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