Gaba increases Growth Hormone release

April 09, 2019

Gaba increases Growth Hormone release
Ran across this study while researching some new compounds so I thought I'd share with you. Researchers gave young(age 23) strength training athletes 3g of GABA or placebo before lifting. The group receiving GABA had an increase in GH release post workout by 480%!! GABA is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for regulation of a lot of neural processes. The exact mechanism for stimulating GH release is unknown, but it is known that GABA cannot readily cross the BBB.

Phenibut and picamilon are 2 GABA precursors that have much better bioavailability and ability to cross the BBB. It would be interesting to see if either of those 2 compounds elicit the same effect of GH release. Side note- GHB, a now banned and schedule I drug, is a GABA derivative and used to be sold at GNC. A study from japan showed an 11-fold increase GH production. I suspect that phenibut and picamilon would have a similar effect.

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