With an overwhelming lack of knowledge about dietary supplements, coupled with companies who use predatory misinformation in their marketing, I wanted to supply consumers with a simplistic yet scientific source of information on commonly used dietary supplements. This comprehensive eBook explains everything beginners, as well as advanced supplement users and gym-goers alike need to know about how these useful and potentially dangerous, if misused, ingredients work inside the body.

The eBook is broken down into several categories including stimulants, performance enhancers, vasodilators and nootropics. Each category encompasses several ingredients, from basic to exotic, and illustrates how each of these compounds works in the body, any pertinent data from clinical studies, and recommended daily doses. In the last section, I layout an example of how to best utilize each one, as well as how to combine certain supplements together for maximum synergistic and performance effect.

I hope this eBook can delineate between scientific research and misinformation that may be online, as well as educate end-users and protect them from misleading marketing from supplement companies.
  • 14 Page E-Book
  • Deep Dive On Dietary Supplement Ingredients
  • Improves Knowledge On Supplementation
  • Written By The Guerrilla Chemist